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Identify Music or TV with Android SDK

This demo shows how to identify music ( songs ) or detect live TV channels by recorded sound with ACRCloud Android SDK. Contact us if you have any question or special requirement about the SDK:


  • The newest ACRCloud Android SDK which contains the demo project developed with Eclipse IDE.
  • If you want to recognize music, you need a Audio Recognition project. ( See How to Recognize Music )
  • If you want to detect tv channels, you need a Live Channel Detection project. ( See How to Detect Live TV Channels )
  • Save the information of “host”, “access_key”, “access_secret” of your project.
  • Make sure you have setup the Android Development Environment well.

Step 1

Download the newest ACRCloud Android SDK and unzip it.

Make sure you can find the folder named ACRCloudSDKDemo with AndroidManifest.xml in it.

Step 2

Enter the workspace of “Eclipse” and click right mouse key in the part as the picture below. And select “Import…” option from “Import” submenu of the popup menu.


Select the “Existing Projects into Workspace” and click “next”.


Paste the copied path of folder ACRCloudSDKDemo into the field of “Select root directory” and make sure you select it in the “Projects” section. Click “Finish” to move on.


Step 3

Edit, update “”, “this.mConfig.accessKey” and “this.mConfig.accessSecret” with the corresponding values of your project.


Step 4

Make sure you have an Android device connected to “Eclipse”.

After you fill the “host”, “accessKey” and “accessSecret” information, you’ll be able to right click on “ACRCloudSDK” select “Run As – 1 Android Application”.

Select your phone in the pop-up dialog to run this demo on your chosen device.


Now you can test recognizing contents in the buckets of your project. Press “start” to activate the audio recognition process.


What’s Next

See Android SDK Reference and Android SDK ( for file ) Reference to start integration.