Recognize Music

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Recognize Recorded Music

Music Recognition Service enables your product ( apps or pc softwares ) recognize music by sound like Shazam.

In this tutorial, we use ACRCloud Music bucket, if you wan to recognize your own contents, please refer to Recognize Custom Content.


Step 1

Go to your dashboard, build and configure an audio recognition project and attach the bucket named ACRCloud Music as below.

music recognition acrcloud configuration


  • Choose Recorded Audio for audio source to deal with noise.
  • Choose Line-in Audio for audio source if you want to recognize files without noise.
  • Enable 3rd Party ID Integration if you need IDs of Spotify, Deezer, Youtune etc.

Step 2

Save the “host”, “access_key”, “access_secret” of your project for future use. You can find them in places shown below.

audio recognition key

Step 3

Follow one of our programming demos to recognize a song. You can use audio_with_noise.wav you just downloaded for test.

Please note: For using our SDKs to scan files, SDKs will use 12seconds of audio clip for the recognition of single request, you will need to send multiple requests to 1 file with different parts of the file if you want to get results from different parts of 1 file. 

Step 4

See Music Metadata to get familiar with the JSON structure of the response data for future development.