Gracenote Alternative | Alternative to Gracenote API

Gracenote Alternative

Thousands of developers rely on ACRCloud to provide Music Recognition and Broadcast Monitoring Services for their products. ACRCloud is the best alternative to Gracenote.

Replace Gracenote with ACRCloud as Musixmatch Did

Musixmatch is the most popular music recognition and lyrics destination app in the world which used Gracenote’s music recognition service at the first beginning. From 2016, Musixmatch replaced Gracenote with ACRCloud which provides faster, more accurate, more flexible and lower cost solutions. Now, Musixmatch has currently more than 60 millions users in the world.

What Makes ACRCloud the Best Gracenote Alternative

ACRCloud provides music recognition ( audio identification ) cloud services. Performance and stability have been proved by thousands of users and trusted by great companies like Alibaba, Musixmatch, Xiaomi, LeTV etc.

Differences with Gracenote

Best Algorithm

ACRCloud is the champion of MIREX2015 Audio Fingerprinting Algorithm Evaluations.

Real Cross-platform

ACRCloud support most programming languages while Gracenote only provides C/iOS/Android.

Modularized Services

ACRCloud provides multiple modules while Gracenote put all functionalities in one SDK.

3rd Party ID Integration

ACRCloud provides IDs of Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Youtube, ISRC etc.

Resource Management

ACRCloud allows user uploading and managing their own resources through UI Interface and Web APIs.

Reasonable Pricing

ACRCloud provides multiple pricing models to help customers reduce their cost as much as possible.


ACRCloud’s SDK and APIs are easy to use. Detailed documents, examples and demos are provided.