Radio Monitoring Services – Track Music & Commercials

Radio Monitoring

ACRCloud Radio Monitoring Services based on Broadcast Monitoring Services are designed to monitor music & commercials on radio airplay or TV in realtime with advanced Audio Fingerprinting technologies.

Music Monitoring 40 million music fingerprints database is provided for clients focusing on global music and custom CMS ( content management system ) is provided for labels, publishers, advertisers, who can upload and monitor their own music & commercials.

Radio Monitoring Meanings

Enrich user experience with metadata or 3rd party connections

  • Let users know what is playing on radios.
  • Help users connect to Spotify, iTunes, Youtube and etc with 3rd party IDs we provide.
  • Detect commercials and provide buying links on smart TV in real time.
monitor radio airplay     radio music detection    identify tv commercials

Track popularities & trends of artists and songs

  • With the raw, detailed radio monitoring data, analyse can be done in multi-dimensions.
  • Enriched comparative airplay charts and graphs can be generated as your wish.
  • Labels and artists can make better decisions with these data.
radio monitoring charts  radio monitoring statistics

Find where & when media copyright violation happens

  • Radio airplay charts are convincible for copyright protection.
  • Radio stations are responsible for its airplay.
  • Help labels and artists find unauthorised radio stations & TV shows.
radio airplay charts    music copyright protection of radio stations

Radio Monitoring Services Features

Worldwide Radio Monitoring

  • Thousands of Radio Stations and TV Channels in Asia, Europe, US, etc.
  • Welcome user contributions with quick response.

Realtime & Non-realtime Support

  • Realtime setting keeps you updated with the raw results.
  • Non-realtime setting try to save your efforts by refined results.

Local Mode Support

  • Local mode enables you monitor your radio streams all at your end.
  • Local mode gives you the maximum security and flexibility.

Detect New Commercials

  • We can help you identify new commercials played repeatedly.
  • This enables you optimize operating & marketing resources.

Recordings Support

  • Record audios around a song or a commercial.
  • Save the recordings for further use.