ACRCloud – Audio Fingerprinting & Broadcast Monitoring Services

Identify Songs Online with Music Recognition Services


Over 68 million Music Fingerprint Database & 3rd Party IDs Supported

search and music by sound online like Shazam and SoundHound

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Monitor Media in Realtime with Broadcast Monitoring Services


Monitor Music, Ads and Custom Contents on Radio & TV

radio & TV monitoring and tracking -- ACRCloud

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TV Channel Detection Services for Interactive TV Apps


High Concurrency & Low Latency

Detect Live TV Channel for Multi-screen Interaction -- ACRCloud

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Recognise Media Contents on TV for Second Screen Apps


Enhance TV Loyalty Program via Recognition of TV Contents

detect tv channel and recognise media contents on TV -- ACRCloud

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Improve User Experience with Offline Audio Recognition Services


Recognise Movies, Ads and Other Contents without Network Connection

audio identification without network connection -- ACRCloud

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Data De-duplication & Copyright Compliance Service


Refine Media Database & Protect Copyright

music database duplication, copyright detection & protection -- ACRCloud

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Audience Measurement


More Accurate & Convincible

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What Our Clients Say

  • ACRCloud technology works very well in a theater room, even with background noises. The Second Screen application that we have released is able to synchronize with the movie very quickly and the experience is seamless for the users.
    Normand ThauvetteNormand ThauvettePresident of Singing Frog Studio
  • ACRCloud enables Omusic‘s members to assemble heart touching melodies and songs as the soundtrack to their lives with its music recognition service.
    Ivan ChenIvan ChenVP of Omusic
  • We have been using ACRCloud for a few months now and the results we have gotten so far are quite amazing - even being able to recognize some unknown artists in electronic sub-genres. Technically it seems way ahead of other services..quick responding API, well-structured SDKs and a hands-on service that's always open for questions and suggestions.
    Clemens LermenClemens LermenCEO of Beatmap
  • We found ACRCloud's Live Channel Detection and Music Recognition services to be cutting-edge and our viewers had an awesome experience. So thanks to ACRCloud!
    Maxel RapheaMaxel RapheaCEO of Woome
  • ACRCloud has provided us with a robust song recognition service that is fast and accurate. The ability to share songs immediately, without needing to search, is a perfect fit for Peach.
    Dom HofmannDom HofmannFounder of Peach
  • ACRCloud's SDK was integrated into BOOMKZ app for providing synchronization between the "BOOM!" TV show and the Second Screen app. Once the app is launched on the mobile device, it recognized the time offset and synced exactly with the show via ACRCloud. The BOOMKZ app then showed the same questions featured o the show to the app user, and gave them a chance to participate in real-time. So users could watch TV show “BOOM!” whenever they want and take part in the quiz using the BOOMKZ Second Screen app in real-time.
    Max KachinkinMax KachinkinProject Manager of Run Mobile
  • is the biggest Dutch company which displays playlist data for all the popular radio stations in the Netherlands. Our customers need to have very accurate data and we deliver this with help of ACRCloud. We use it to continuously recognise music for our radio stations. ACRCloud is a nice addition to recognise the tracks when the playlists of the radio stations are incomplete.
    Adriaan van RossumAdriaan van RossumFounder of