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Music Monitoring

Monitor music airplay for radio stations or monitor background music for TV stations with one of the world’s largest music fingerprinting databases. Get ISRC and UPC in the results, allowing ACRCloud to detect music even from TV stations with voiceovers.

music monitoring
Advert monitoring

Advert Monitoring

Upload your own adverts or custom content to your private database, allowing ACRCloud to start tracking content on TV and radio stations automatically for you.

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Broadcast Database

ACRCloud has over 50,000 global radio and TV stations indexed in its broadcast database. Simply select the stations you want to monitor.

Broadcast Database
Custom Stream Monitoring

Monitor Your Own Streams

Add your own web stream URLs or internal streams to the system for monitoring. Take full control of the streams you want to monitor

Technology in this solution

Audio Fingerprinting

Cover Song Identification

The Most Advanced API Suite

ACRCloud provides an API suite that allows you to receive monitoring results in real-time and download historical results. The API suite also enables you to manage the stations you want to monitor, allowing you to easily build your own backend.

Broadcast Monitoring API
Timemap & Recording

Timemap & Recordings

Combining recording files with recognition results in one page, and listing the results in the visualized audio player, it’s easy to see the results in the recording files. You can get the recordings via API and provide them to your users.

Start Generating Royalty Reports For The Stations

Unidentified Content Filter (UCF)

UCF lists all of the repeated content on its dashboard and in its API. You can review the content, edit the metadata for each of the potential items and ingest them to the database, so they will be monitored automatically next time.

Audio Classification​

Audio Classification

Audio Classification algorithm classifies each of the potential items as “Music” or “`Speech”, helping you to review potential items quickly and efficiently.

Industries Who Use this Solution

PROs & Labels

Performance Rights Organizations, Copyright Societies, Publishers and Record Labels


TV & Radio Stations

Advertising & Big Data

Big Data Platforms, Advertising Agencies

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