Brand Guidelines

The following is a framework for the application and usage of the ACRCloud logo and branding for any products or services that utilize ACRCloud’s technology which requires ACRCloud branding attribution in all communication as part of the Usage Agreement.

A consistent ACRCloud branding application by partners will be much appreciated and this guideline aims to provide the relevant information for our partners accordingly.

If there are any areas of application that are not addressed in these guidelines or if an EPS file is required, please contact our Branding team at

1) ACRCloud Overview

For a description of ACRCloud and its services, please use the following text:

“ACRCloud utilises patented Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to enable the generation of a unique real-time fingerprint to identify in a matter of seconds, the content being played via an audio or video source which is typically a first screen, in order to trigger an action. With proprietary audio identification technology, ACRCloud’s is able to identify millions of hours of content in both a manageable and efficient manner that is highly relevant for advertisers, broadcasters, video streaming providers, music services, consumer electronics manufacturers and app developers. ACR’s fingerprint library includes 100 million audio tracks, which is one of the biggest in the world.”

2) ACRCloud Logo

The ACRCloud logo exists in the following versions and can be downloaded here.


ACRCloud Logo Usage Guidelines

– The ACRCloud logo should ideally be placed in a clear space with an equidistant border of clear space equivalent to its height.

– The ACRCloud logo should be placed on a clear, pattern-free solid background

– Where possible, the ACRLogo should link to

3) “Content Recognition by ACRCloud” Series Attribution

When the ACRCloud API is used for any of the following services, it is mandatory to

display the respective attribution prominently.

Broadcast Monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring by [logo]” or “Radio Airplay Monitoring by [logo]”

Music Recognition

Music Recognition by [logo]”

Live Channel Detection

Live Channel Detection by [logo]”

Generic Content Recognition

Content Recognition by [logo]”

Usage Guidelines

– The “Content Recognition by ACRCloud” logos should ideally be placed in a clear

– The logo should be placed on a clear, pattern-free solid background

– Where possible, the above text should link to

space with an equidistant border of clear space equivalent to its height.