Alibaba’s Second Screen Marketing

alibaba identify channel second screen marketing

Alibaba has more than 500 million users and is the most popular e-commerce platform in China.

Apps of Alibaba ( TaobaoTmall and Alipay) integrates ACRCloud’s Live Channel Detection and Second Screen Synchronization solutions to automatically recognize the TV programs and commercials being played and drive users to the interaction page or the online store to purchase relevant items.

Live Channel Detection

Taobao integrates ACRCloud’s Live Channel Detection service with the live TV channels in China, it allows users to detect specific live TV channel in a specific period and drives the users to the relevant interactive page or shopping page directly. 

Second Screen Synchronization

ACRCloud powers Taobao app with the abilities of recognizing recorded content such as TV commercials and pre recorded TV shows. Users are able to use Taobao app to recognize TV commercials or TV shows and purchase the relevant items on Taobao app.

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