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Broadcast Monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring Services

ACRCloud broadcast monitoring services ( media monitoring ) based on leading Audio Fingerprinting technologies are designed for media monitoring and analysis agencies, labels, broadcasters, media operators, content owners to monitor, measure content’s performance and protect copyright.

ACRCloud provides web based broadcast monitoring services including largest global music database, custom content management, broadcast signal processing, 24 x 7 radio airplay monitoring, data logging and reports, etc. No hardware/software requirements for our clients ( but we also support local mode ). The follow picture shows how our broadcast monitoring system works.

Introduction and tutorials: Radio Airplay Monitoring ( Music ) | Custom Content Monitoring ( Songs & Ads )

See Radio Airplay Monitoring for more information

broadcast monitoring and media monitoring for music on radio broadcast


Broadcast Monitoring Applications

Media contents like music, songs, advertisements or other custom audio & video contents are being broadcasted on TV, radio or online channels all the time. Knowing Where, When, How and Why they are broadcasted helps your business a lot.

Placement Confirmation

Identify & verify when and where your music or advertisements are placed.

Copyright Protection

Protect copyrights by knowing precisely when, where and how the content is being used.

Data Analysis

Get competitor insights and predict trends by monitoring and analysing

Statistics & Measurement

Track and measure placement performance across broadcast channels.


Comparison of Different Technical Solutions

Text Searching

Low recognition rate & speed.
Too many non-relevant results.
User reconfirmation needed
Tedious user configurations.
Low pricing.

Audio Watermarking

High recognition rate & speed.
Robust to frequency & time shifting signals.
Need to edit/change original files.
Not Easy to start use.
High pricing.

Audio Fingerprinting

High recognition rate & speed.
Robust to frequency & time shifting signals.
No need to change original files.
Easy to start use.
Low pricing.


  • Text Searching based media monitoring is out of date, which can only monitor text content from news and speech recognition. And too many non-relevant results makes it not reliable.
  • Audio Watermarking is accurate but high cost. You must own media contents and have strict control of content distributions. Also, adding extra signals ( watermark ) may bring bad effects.
  • Audio Fingerprinting is the most reliable and mature technology. No extra efforts and and easy to use make it the best choice for media monitoring today.

For more information about audio fingerprinting and audio watermarking, see ACR.


Broadcast Monitoring Showcases


DJ Monitor is the global pioneer and market leader in music rights monitoring since 2005 by using advanced technology and a relevant database. Now, it’s using ACRCloud’s music identification and broadcast monitoring service to provide better products.

SoundCharts broadcast monitoring

Soundcharts is a charts, airplay & social intelligence platform for the music industry. It uses ACRCloud’s radio airplay monitoring service to monitor thousands of radio stations around the world to collect airplay data which is then made accessible to music industry subscribers in real time.

broadcast monitoring is an online radio streaming aggregator in Netherlands. It provides online streaming and playlists of popular radio stations in the Netherlands. With ACRCloud’s radio airplay monitoring service, is able to identify what’s playing via the live streams and generate playlists of the respective radio stations by displaying artist name, song title and album name in real time, which enriches the listening experience of’s consumers.


  • is the biggest Dutch company which displays playlist data for all the popular radio stations in the Netherlands. Our customers need to have very accurate data and we deliver this with help of ACRCloud. We use it to continuously recognise music for our radio stations. ACRCloud is a nice addition to recognise the tracks when the playlists of the radio stations are incomplete.
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