Copyright Protection & De-duplication

Copyright Compliance & De-duplication

Copyright Protection and Media Data De-duplication

ACRCloud provides advanced audio fingerprinting technology to help content operators identify and screen content with copyright issues and also remove duplicated content with ease at the back-end. This solution is applicable to video or audio UGC content providers who are required to censor or screen for unlicensed content and also to track and manage content for monetization tracking and reporting purposes. Our solution effectively automates the monitoring process saving manpower costs whilst responding in near real-time.



  • Precisely and effectively identifies duplicate and redundant content
  • Identifies copyright content for blocking, tracking or monetizing
  • Cloud service for matching UGC content with existing metadata
  • Python and Java SDKs supported

Categories of Usage

  • Back-end Identification of Content for removal, censorship, tracking etc
  • De-duplication of Content
  • Categorisation of Content
  • Monetization Tracking of Content

Industries Served

  • Video Streaming
  • Music

Use Cases


LeTV, a leading video streaming provider in China has implemented ACRCloud’s data de-duplication solution to LeTV’s Cloud with the aim of removing duplicated videos uploaded by the users. ACRCloud’s data de-duplication solution thus helps LeTV reduce both storage and administrative costs.

hearthis is music streaming service allows users to upload their music, sets, remixes and share them with friends and fans. It uses ACRCloud to store copyrighted content reported by copyright holders in the database. Each newly uploaded file is matched against this database using the copyright compliance system of music to prevent similar copyright infringements.