Copyright Protection & De-duplication

Copyright Compliance & De-duplication

Copyright Protection and Media Data De-duplication

ACRCloud provides advanced audio fingerprinting technology to help content operators identify and screen content with copyright issues and also remove duplicated content with ease at the back-end. This solution is applicable to video or audio UGC content providers who are required to censor or screen for unlicensed content and also to track and manage content for monetization tracking and reporting purposes. Our solution effectively automates the monitoring process saving manpower costs whilst responding in near real-time.



ACRCloud copyright compliance service works with any video/audio format regardless of the file size, bitrate or codec. The software developer kits (SDK) provided by ACRCloud support multiple programming languages and can generate an acoustic fingerprint from a piece of the files locally and query against ACRCloud database for matching. A fingerprint is much smaller than the audio clips and no original audio/video is required to be sent out of the operator’s servers.

The matched result including metadata like song title, artist name, album, released date, and even ISRC, UPC and IDs from music streaming service will be returned. One query takes less than 1s to get the results.

We also support our client to build its own content filter by fingerprint their own copyrighted content and upload the fingerprint to us.




ACRCloud provides very cost-effective cloud solution that the operators can use it in any country in the world in a very cost effective manners. Never let the recognition cost to be a burden for your daily operation.

Comprehensive music database

We work with global music streaming services, labels, music distributors and royalty collective organizations to build the full scale of music fingerprint database. Currently, we are hosting 70 million global songs and updating new songs daily. An operator can use our service to match with any songs published in the market to check the copyrighted information.

Matching with massive content

We can support very large concurrent queries for operators who need real-time feedback for customer’s upload. Give users a good experience using this platform while keep updating the new content quickly online.

Flexible service terms and no setup costs

There is no setup fee for using ACRCloud copyright compliance service. A customer using our service are charged only by the number of matches he used. There is no minimum cost nor period of time need to be promised when an operator chooses to use ACRCloud service.


  • Precisely and effectively identifies duplicate and redundant content
  • Identifies copyright content for blocking, tracking or monetizing
  • Cloud service for matching UGC content with existing metadata
  • Python and Java SDKs supported

Categories of Usage

  • Back-end Identification of Content for removal, censorship, tracking etc
  • De-duplication of Content
  • Categorisation of Content
  • Monetization Tracking of Content

Industries Served

  • Video Streaming
  • Music

Use Cases

BBTV is a Canadian digital entertainment company which owns the third largest video property in the world behind Google and Facebook. BBTV selected ACRCloud file scan service as part of their content ID filter to claim and manage right for the fans uploaded content. ACRCloud’s recognition result is used for content ownership verification and legitimization.

Create Music Group (CMG) is a leading rights management, syndication and distribution platform. ACRCloud copyright compliance service is used by CMG to claim the music used without owner’s permission for platforms such as YouTube.

Amuse is a Swedish based innovative music distributing platform.  Artists can upload their music to streaming and download services. With 70 Million global music fingerprint database, ACRCloud works as the music copyright filtering system to make sure the uploads Amuse receives are their original work which does not infringe somebody else copyrighted music