Broadcast Database Monitoring API

Callback URL for Broadcast Database Monitoring

You can set Callback URL for monitoring results by the following steps: select the project under Broadcast Database Monitoring projects then click “Action” —> click “Set Result Callback” in the dropdown menu —> input the callback URL and click “Update”.

The system will post “stream_id”, “stream_url”,”status” and monitoring results “data” (json format) to the callback URL

Field NameTypeDescription
bucket_idstringCustom bucket ID
stream_idstringthe channel id in broadcast database
stream_namestringChannel Name
stream_countrystringCountry of the channel
stream_urlstringthe stream url (empty)
user_defineddictionaryCustom ID or user defined field
datastringthe monitoring result with json format
statusinteger0: no result
1: detected a result

PHP Examples:
For “JSON” Post Type:

For “Form” Post Type:

Monitoring API for Broadcast Database

Please find the access key on the project page and change “YYYYMMDD” to change the date of the results:{channel_id}/results?access_key={project access_key}&date={YYYYMMDD}


Console API for Broadcast Database

You can use the following code to get the list of the channels in the project, please refer to the code here.