Detect Live TV Channel

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Detect TV Channel for Second Screen

Live TV Channel Detection Servcie enable apps recognise which TV Channel is being watched by user by recorded sound in several seconds, and then interactive contents could be pushed to users.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

You can ingest your own live feeds by creating your own bucket and add stream URLs to it .

live tv channel detection bucket

live tv channel detection add

Step 2

If you created your own bucket, you need to use Live Channel Fingerprinting Tool to generate fingerprints of live channels on your local server.

Step 3

Create a Live Channel Detection project and bind the bucket you want to use.

live tv channel detection project

Step 4

Save the “host”, “access_key”, “access_secret” of your project. You can find them in places shown below.

audio recognition key

Step 5

Follow one of our programming demos to recognize a tv channel. If you have project and bucket ready for test, we suggest you use iOS and Android Demo for quick test.

Step 6

See Live Channel Metadata to get familiar with the JSON structure of the response data for future development.