Live Channel Detection

Live Channel Detection

ACRCloud collects live streams from TV or radio stations in real-time and enables the channel to be detected at the exact point of broadcast from any user’s mobile devices. With live content-generated audio fingerprints, supplementary information about the content or interactive campaigns can be triggered to appear on the viewer’s second screen devices.

live channel detection for second screen

Usage of Live Channel Detection

  • Pre-designed contents and interactions are organised by marketing editors in the server end.
  • Apps identify the TV Channel and specific times with audio recognition while users are watching TV.
  • Detailed contents are triggered and retrieved from the server.

Use Cases


Weibo is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter with more than 300 million users and is one of the leading social networks in China. With ACRCloud’s Live Channel detection solution integrated into Weibo, it automatically recognizes the TV programs are viewing and allows users to interact with other users on that particular TV program’s topics. ACRCloud captures the audio from the live stream via the mobile device’s microphone and matches it with the live streams database in real time to show the channel and program details by displaying an HTML5 page.


  • We found ACRCloud's Live Channel Detection and Music Recognition services to be cutting-edge and our viewers had an awesome experience. So thanks to ACRCloud!
    Maxel Raphea
    Maxel RapheaCEO of Woome