Offline Audio Recognition

Offline Audio Identification

Audio Identification without Internet Connection

ACRCloud’s offline audio identification solution allows the fingerprinting of post-production content and triggering methodology to be stored in an application in advance. This allows for the identification and triggering of information without any Internet usage whatsoever, which is critical for events with no network access or extensive Internet usage for large periods of time.

audio identification without network


  • No live internet access is required.
  • Recognizes and synchronizes content in seconds
  • Continuous detects are supported
  • iOS and Android SDKs supported
  • Offline database content is managed on cloud platform

Categories of Usage

  • Information eg. additional related information drawn from internal database
  • Ad/ Commerce eg. advertising or brand related information

Industries Served

  • Live Events
  • Cinemas

Use Cases


Snowtime (immersive version) is an interactive Second Screen application that has been developed by the Digital Imagery Research and Development Center (CDRIN) in collaboration with Singing Frog Studio for the “Snowtime 3D” movie from CarpeDiem Film & TV studio. The movie soundtrack was ingested into the ACRCloud’s platform for a synchronization purpose. The people who are attending to the representation in a participating theater can download the Snowtime application to access additional content on their mobile devices while they are watching the movie. The ACRCloud SDK was used in the iOS and Android version of this application to detect the time stamp and to synchronize events with the movie. Viewers can receive custom messages on their mobiles while the film is playing. The devices can also vibrate and turn on the camera light a few times during the movie to produce even more interactions with the users.

Nancy produces trading cards that are coveted by collectors who vie against each other to collect them before anyone else.
When viewers watching TV spot a Nancy ad and trigger the Nancy app on their phone or tablet, they stand to win trading cards. By competing against other users and winning more cards, step-by-step they stand to get the complete collection.


  • ACRCloud technology works very well in a theater room, even with background noises. The Second Screen application that we have released is able to synchronize with the movie very quickly and the experience is seamless for the users.
    Normand Thauvette
    Normand ThauvettePresident of Singing Frog Studio