Second Screen Synchronization

Second Screen Synchronization

ACRCloud provides advanced second screen synchronization solutions to boost second screen viewing experiences of recorded content for broadcasters, content owners, advertisers and app developers. By identifying recorded content playing on the TV, radio or any other interactive or non-interactive screen, we turn the passive and lean-back viewing/ listening experience into a refined level of audience engagement and interactivity.


  • Recognizes and synchronizes recorded content in seconds
  • Continuous detections are supported
  • Supports any file-based fingerprint generation workflow
  • iOS, Android, Python and Java SDKs supported
  • Content management system (CMS) for custom content ingestion, operation and maintenance
  • Scalable and flexible server cloud based user requests

Categories of Usage

  • Interaction eg. voting
  • Information eg. additional related information, static, audio or video
  • Social eg. social media, forums
  • Ad/Commerce eg. advertising or brand information

Industries Served

  • Broadcasting
  • Video Streaming
  • Advertising

Use Cases


BOOMKZ is an interactive Second Screen app for the TV show “BOOM” on Channel 7 in Kazakhstan. The BOOMKZ development team ingested the full show to ACRCloud’s platform prior to the airing of the show. Upon broadcast of the show, the accompanying BOOMKZ app on mobile devices with the integrated ACRCloud SDKs incorporating the timestamps synced with the TV show allowing home viewers to participate in the show. Viewers got the chance to answer the very same questions asked of studio participants on air in real-time. There was a positive response as it transformed viewers into armchair contestants who also stood to win prizes.


  • ACRCloud's SDK was integrated into BOOMKZ app for providing synchronization between the "BOOM!" TV show and the Second Screen app. Once the app is launched on the mobile device, it recognized the time offset and synced exactly with the show via ACRCloud. The BOOMKZ app then showed the same questions featured o the show to the app user, and gave them a chance to participate in real-time. So users could watch TV show “BOOM!” whenever they want and take part in the quiz using the BOOMKZ Second Screen app in real-time.
    Max Kachinkin
    Max KachinkinProject Manager of Run Mobile