SoundCharts Radio Airplay Monitoring

soundcharts monitor music with media monitoring

Soundcharts is a charts, airplay & social intelligence platform for the music industry. It uses ACRCloud’s broadcast monitoring service to monitor thousands of radio stations around the world to collect airplay data which is then made accessible to music industry subscribers in real time.

Radio Airplay Monitoring

Soundcharts uses ACRCloud’s broadcast monitoring service to monitor airplay among thousands of radio station around the world in real time. ACRCloud’s broadcast monitoring service enables Soundcharts to manage radio streams easily with over 40m music fingerprint database and get monitoring data via API in real time. 

3rd Party ID Integration

Meanwhile ACRCloud delivers 3rd party ID such as Youtube, Spotify and iTunes IDs to Soundcharts, those IDs make cross platform linking easier. Soundcharts can link the data in each of the 3rd party services instantly.