ACRCloud powers the launch of Taiwan’s first music/humming recognition service for Omusic

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[:en]ACRCloud is proud to deliver Taiwan’s first music/humming recognition service which will be launched by Omusic, one of Taiwan’s leading music services, on 12th Jan, 2016 over iOS and Android apps.
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With this feature, millions of Omusic service users will now be able to not only recognize music playing in their background environment but also be able to hum a tune and have the ACRCloud engine recognize the tune. Users will then be able to stream or download the respective song from Omusic’s extensive music library.
Omusic is introducing this service to provide wider access of their extensive music library to their users so that they can have music recognized and then streamed or downloaded, all via a single app. “ACRCloud enables Omusic’s members to assemble heartfelt melodies and songs as the soundtrack to their lives with its music recognition service.” Ivan Chen, VP of Omusic explains. Omusic is a joint venture between telco provider Far EasTone and a group of influential labels.
ACRCloud is a comprehensive Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) provider with more than 40 million tracks in its music database available for music and also humming recognition (Query by Humming) which is available to music services around the world. ACRCloud’s music recognition technology has been ranked #1 in the Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) 2015 run by the prestigious International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory.
With one of the most accurate and fastest content recognition times in the industry and the #1 ranked humming music recognition service provided by ACRCloud, Omusic will be able to tap into one of the best technologies in the industry in providing the first humming music recognition service in Taiwan.
Mathew Daniel, President, ACRCloud said,”ACRCloud is excited to partner with Omusic in providing the technology to provide a ground-breaking humming/ music recognition service in Taiwan.[:]

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