Social Platform Fanbase Adopts ACRCloud to Monitor Music Usage in User-Generated Content


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September 8th, 2022 – Subscription-based social platform Fanbase has adopted ACRCloud’s automatic content identification technology to analyze the music in videos uploaded by creators and prevent unlicensed music from being played on its platform.

Fanbase, targeted towards 18-25 year olds, is the first social network with full content monetization across six media functionalities – photo/video, audio chat, live, stories, short-form and long-form video. Free to download and use, Fanbase is also the first native app to allow any user to have followers for free as well as subscribers for $4.99 a month on the same profile. In addition to monthly subscriptions, Fanbase also has Love, a digital currency with which any user can reward their favorite creators.

Fanbase licenses every piece of music being played on its platform. By leveraging ACRCloud’s technology, Fanbase is able to automatically scan and identify all the musical materials in their videos being uploaded by creators and mute the unlicensed music by matching the results generated by ACRCloud’s music identification engine against its own licensed music catalog.

Specialized in digital fingerprinting technology, ACRCloud provides proprietary automatic audio identification capability with industry-leading accuracy and speed. 

ACRCloud’s automatic content recognition engine accurately identifies musical content by scanning audio or video files and identifying copyrighted music materials by comparing the fingerprints of these files with the copyrighted musical library of ACRCloud and/or the client. ACRCloud’s recognition engine is able to identify both the original version of a song and cover versions. 

ACRCloud has built one of the world’s largest databases of the fingerprinted copyrighted music through partnerships with major global record labels, publishers and distributors, and other copyright owners or managers. 

ACRCloud’s technology has widely been adopted by major user-generated content platforms, digital services providers, music distributors, and more for copyright monitoring and music assets management.

The services of ACRCloud can be easily integrated into content platforms and other digital services with the API and SDK provided by the company.

“We’re proud to help Fanbase with music copyright risk management. Fanbase has this unique business model that not only enables every user to monetize their original content but also makes sure every piece of content including the music content from third-party content providers gets fairly used and paid. ACRCloud has also dedicated ourselves to the fair distribution of copyrighted or original content, either owned by music rights holders or created on user-generated content platforms, with our industry-leading digital content monitoring technology”, Tony Li, Co Founder of ACRCloud.

“ACRCloud gives us the availability to provide more music than ever to the Flickz music library and guarantees that artists and songwriters are appropriately compensated for their work” Isaac Hayes III, CEO of Fanbase.

About Fanbase

Fanbase, founded by Isaac Hayes III, is a new frontier of social media, placing monetization capability at the forefront to the benefit of all users. 

Rooted in community with the belief that “Everyone is a Fan of Something, And Everyone Has a Fanbase”, the social network is the first native app with full content monetization via photo, audio chat, lives, stories and both short and long-form video content. 

Fanbase is available on iOS and Android in more than 170 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

About ACRCloud

With patented Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, ACRCloud enables the generation of a unique real-time fingerprint to identify, in a matter of seconds, the content being played via an audio or video source. ACRCloud’s automatic content recognition engine is able to identify millions of hours of content in both a manageable and efficient manner. 

ACRCloud’s fingerprint library includes some 100 million audio tracks, which is one of the biggest in the world.
Founded in 2015, ACRCloud’s services have been widely adopted by advertisers, broadcasters, video streaming providers, music services, consumer electronics manufacturers and app developers.

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